As of February, Coinc customers will operate on the Bankinter website

As of February, Coinc customers will operate on the Bankinter website

Bankinter has announced that it will integrate the products marketed under the Coinc brand into its website. As of next February, customers of the online entity will have to operate through Bankinter’s website. This is one of the main new features of the last few days, but there is more, such as the launch of a new service for making transfers without having to know the recipient’s account number or the renewal of Nationale-Nederlanden’s welcome campaign that allows new customers to earn up to 50 euros for opening a savings account. The financial product comparator details all the latest news.


Coinc will be integrated into Bankinter from 10 February 2020. The virtual platform, originally created to market a savings account that rented at 4% APR (currently offers 0.20%), puts an end to seven years of trajectory. From then on, Coinc customers will only be able to consult its products (account, card, mortgage…) and operate through the Bankinter website (Coinc’s personal area will remain active until 10 February). In order to obtain the password to access Bankinter’s private area, it is necessary to access Coinc’s website and request it. According to the entity, the objective of this strategy is to “offer a greater catalogue of products and services” to Coinc customers. Despite the integration, the entity will maintain the same account number, as well as the current remuneration and the rest of the conditions. What will cease to exist are the goals, since on the Bankinter website it will only be possible to see the total balance of the account.


The European deposit supermarket Raisin has added a new bank to its catalogue: the Estonian LHV Pank. From now on, Spaniards can contract through Fintech two fixed terms of this entity, one to six months at 0.30% APR and another to one year at 0.45% APR. In both cases the minimum contract amount is 500 euros, interest is paid on maturity and there is no possibility of disposing of the principal before the end of the contract. LHV operates under the protection of the Estonian Deposit Guarantee Fund.


Nationale-Nederlanden has extended until December 15 its welcome promotion that allows new customers to take up to 50 euros as a gift. To get the bonus, it is necessary to open an Online Savings Account at the institution, whose yield is 0.5% APR and has no commissions, before the deadline and maintain a minimum balance between December 30 and February 29 of between 1,000 and 5,000 euros, in which case the incentive will be 30 euros, or more than 5,000 euros to get the 50 euros gift.

Mediolanum Bank customers can send up to 30,000 euros to any current account in the SEPA area without needing to know the recipient’s IBAN code thanks to Plick, the new service incorporated by the institution this month. Mediolanum users who want to make use of this functionality only need to know the mobile number or e-mail of the recipient to send a transfer and it is not necessary for the recipient to register for any service, not even that their bank is a member of Plick.

BBVA has become the first Spanish bank that allows you to order transfers from accounts located in other entities without leaving your website or app. This new service, available for both individuals and companies, is a new feature of BBVA’s financial aggregator, which allows you to link the accounts of other banks and check their status from a single platform, without having to go to each bank’s website.


Deutsche Bank, Cajamar and Caja Rural del Sur no longer show the conditions of their mortgage loans on their online portals. In order to find out the characteristics of the mortgages of these institutions, it is now necessary to contact the institution, either in an office or through remote channels (telephone, virtual banking, etc.).

Banco Sabadell has raised the interest rate on its Variable Mortgage. It now has a Euribor rate plus 1.45%, whereas previously it was Euribor plus 1.35%. However, an initial fixed interest rate of 2.15% is maintained, which is only applied for the first 12 months.

Banco Santander also increased interest on its Variable Mortgage. In this case, the initial fixed interest rate rose from 2.09% to 2.29%, while the rate applied after the first 12 months increased from Euribor plus 1.09% to Euribor plus 1.29%.

Finally, Liberbank has modified the terms of its Mortgage Inmuebles Propios. Its maximum financing, which was previously 80% of the appraisal value, can now cover up to 100% of the purchase and deed costs. In addition, the entity offers to lend an additional 5,000 euros to furnish the home. There is also the option of contracting it with a fixed rate of 1%, provided that the term is between 15 and 30 years. This mortgage loan can only be applied for to buy a flat or a house belonging to Liberbank.

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